Major update

Finally I’ve taken the time to do a major update on the content of this site. It’s been on my to-do-list for a while, but I have been too busy shooting, climbing and working. All the galleries are updated with new photos from last year up until now. Some stats:

Climbing gallery: 27 new photos from Thailand, France, and Sweden.
Winter & ice gallery: 22 new photos from France, Norway, and Sweden.
Skate gallery: 10 new photos, all from Sweden.
Nature & travel gallery: 15 new photos from Thailand, France, Croatia, Norway, and Sweden.
People gallery: 23 new photos from Thailand, France, Croatia, and Sweden.
Urban gallery: 3 new photos from Sweden and France.
Wedding gallery: 8 new photos from a wedding in Sweden.

Also, the slideshow on the front page is updated with several new photos, as well as the portfolio with 24 new photos.