Last year I was contacted by Calle Magnusson, a journalist and writer, who was looking for good publishable photos of the Swedish elite ice climber Markuz Lindgren. A couple of years ago I worked with Markuz a few times in Norway, so my ice climbing archive was good to go. I was happy to be able to contribute with a few photos, which I hope will inspire the readers. Finally, this fall the book Adrenalin  was released, and when I got a copy in my hands I was very pleased to see it in print.

The book is a very solid piece of work with lots of adrenalinish photos. Calle devotes each chapter to an adventurer, with a good mix of personal portraits, stories and anecdotes. Adrenalin will guide the reader through parachuting, alpinism, surfing, mountain hiking, river rafting, climbing, free diving and glacier hiking in Sweden and Norway.

Cover of the Adrenalin book. Contributing photo in Adrenalin.Contributing photo in Adrenalin. Contributing photo in Adrenalin.