Guide book cover

Local guide book author Tomasz Ratajczak just released his third edition of the climbing guide book over the Gothenburg area. I talked to Tomasz a few days ago, and I was very happy to hear that for the second consecutive time one of my photos from Utby, a crag near downtown Gothenburg, is on the cover. This edition contains info about an impressive 1662 routes on 46 crags, with good topos and descriptions. Tomasz decided to go all-in with color photos (the second edition, released in 2006, only had the cover in color) in the new edition, which adds to the quality feel.

More info about the book and how to order it can be found here:

The second edition had more of a green summer-ish touch on the cover:

…and the Oscar goes to…

Sandsjöbacka, a nature reserve park about a 30 minute drive south from Gothenburg, is probably one of the best bouldering sites winter time. Around a dozen of problems in the 7-grade spectrum, many of the also being fast drying. One particular problems is recommended to do when the cold weather holds a grip on Sweden is Oscarsgalan (swedish for Oscar Academy Award). It’s a tall wall on very solid rock that sits along the side of a small swamp, and when the swamp freezes it’s a lot easier to access the rock.

My hometown

I needed a few new photos with motion blur for a workshop in the spring and what is better than shooting fast moving cars in a freezing cold hometown of Gothenburg?

Well, what could be better is a cup of hot chocolat in the couch… Never the less it was fun, and as always a great experience. I also had the chance to get a few shots of the ferry Stena Line setting out, and coming in. These machines are impressive…