Last year I was contacted by Calle Magnusson, a journalist and writer, who was looking for good publishable photos of the Swedish elite ice climber Markuz Lindgren. A couple of years ago I worked with Markuz a few times in Norway, so my ice climbing archive was good to go. I was happy to be able to contribute with a few photos, which I hope will inspire the readers. Finally, this fall the book Adrenalin  was released, and when I got a copy in my hands I was very pleased to see it in print.

The book is a very solid piece of work with lots of adrenalinish photos. Calle devotes each chapter to an adventurer, with a good mix of personal portraits, stories and anecdotes. Adrenalin will guide the reader through parachuting, alpinism, surfing, mountain hiking, river rafting, climbing, free diving and glacier hiking in Sweden and Norway.

Cover of the Adrenalin book. Contributing photo in Adrenalin.Contributing photo in Adrenalin. Contributing photo in Adrenalin.

Action photographer – a great how to guide

My friend and colleague Fredrik Schenholm recently released his first book, on a subject I’m sure will attract a lot of readers; how to survive as an action photographer. Especially in a small country like Sweden there are lucky few who can actually find a way to make a living out of shooting action sports. Fredrik is one of them, and one of the best in this genre.

Fredrik phoned me early this fall and asked if I wanted to be part of the content; as an climbing photographer expert. I was of course very honored, and contributed with a few of my climbing images as well as my thoughts about shooting climbing.

The book is a great piece of work, where Fredrik and co-author Anders Wingqvist thoroughly takes the reader through Fredrik’s work flow, mixed with interesting and funny anekdotes and short stories.

A great tool for those who want to get into the business, or just want to improve as an action photographer. The book is full of very useful hands-on tips and tricks, as well as pure inspiration.

More info at Calazo Förlag.

Published in Rock & Ice

A photo I took a while back in Bohuslän was recently published in the Ascent issue of Rock & Ice. This is Erik Heyman on the Crassostrea Gigas 8b at Sjöhäller, a very sustained and hard route only allowing two pieces of gear as protection before reaching the anchor. Erik climbed the route with a crashpad underneath since the first protection about halfway up the 15 meter route.

Erik Heyman on a Bohuslän testpiece, Crassostrea Gigas 8b.

The crag sits right by the fjord Åbyfjorden on the Swedish westcoast, and if you’re lucky you can find Japanese oysters in the shallow waters of the fjord. Crassostrea Gigas is the latin name for Japanese oysters, hence the name of the route.

– I ate several raw oysters each time I came to Sjöhäller to work on the route, says Erik.

Published cover

I got an early Christmas gift from Norway – the cover of the December issue of the Norwegian magazine Klatring. This photo was taken over a year ago during a mini expedition to the inland village Övre Årdal in Jotunheimen National Park (Norway), and it’s enormous icefall Vettisfossen. With it’s 275 meters vertikal drop, Vettisfossen is the highest waterfall in northern Europe. A lot of the ice climbing in Norway is fairly easy accessible, but to climb Vettisfossen you have to pay your toll in sweat just to reach the bottom of the climb. Especially if you’re there as a photographer, with all the extra gear you need to carry.

Klatring also published a spread in their section Klassikern.